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Cleaning body of the black auto
Not a common PDR technique

Almost every vehicle receives at least a few dents and dings. There are a couple of different options for repairing minor body damage that customers can choose from. PDR, paintless dent repair, is an auto procedure that is sometimes used as an alternative to conventional body repair. This method allows the technician to repair the dent or ding without damaging the paint. The following information discusses the differences between PDR and conventional repair, the factors that determine if PDR is appropriate to use, the advantages of having the procedure done internally, and why Colorado Auto Body is the best choice for this procedure.

PDR vs Conventional Repair

It’s important to understand the primary differences between paintless dent removal and traditional methods of body work. Traditional body repair include using a sander to grind off the paint, banging the metal back into shape, and then filling in the spaces with putty. The technician will then sand and spray with a primer, base coat, and the final layer of paint. This process can cost over $1,000 and take over a week to complete. PDR involves working on the opposite side of the panel where the damage has occurred. The metal is slowly pulled and pushed back into the proper place. A straight-light tool is used to make sure the surface is smooth and straight. The cost is usually less than traditional repair methods and can normally be completed in less than a day.

Factors that Determine Whether PDR or Conventional Repair is Used

Several types of damage can be repaired using this method as long as the paint surface on the vehicle is intact. Only minor creases, dents, and dings can usually be repaired using PDR. It also depends where on the car the dent is located. Sometimes even a fraction of an inch will be the determining factor of whether a technician will be able to adequately reach the area that needs repaired. Sometimes the bracing in the car will prevent the area from properly being reached. The extent that the metal has been stretched during the damage may also be a factor that contributes to how well PDR may work.

Advantages of PDR Done Internally

When having paintless dent repair done, there are several advantages to having the work done internally as opposed to subbing it out. The first consideration is time. It will be more time consuming to send a car offsite or have a special tech come in to work on the vehicle. Quality control may also be an issue. It’s easier to manage the quality of work if the technician is employed internally. Getting a warranty for outside work may be difficult as well. Finally, using a secondary company will almost certainly add to the cost.

Colorado Auto Body Specializes in Paintless Dent Repair

Colorado Auto Body has over 150 years of providing expert service in a full range of auto body repair specialties. Dent, bumper, wheel, and windshield repair are just a few of the services they offer. Colorado Auto Body also provides free pick-up and delivery of a vehicle to a business or home. This service is provided 24/7. The company also provides assistance with credit financing and insurance claims. They provide not only excellent repair work but offer their services in a quick and efficient manner. For more information regarding paintless dent repair, or a variety of other body repair services, contact Colorado Auto Body.



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