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  1. Driving in DenverClean Out Your Trunk – better gas milage by up to 5%
  2. Keep Windows Closed – The more aerodynamic your vehicle is, the more open windows wil cause drag and impact mileage.  up to 10% unless you are moving under 45 mph.
  3. Fill Up Your Tires – Proper air pressure can improve mileage up to 3%
  4. Drive a  Steady ( and Modest ) Speed – Once most vehicles break 60 mph, your losing fuel efficiency – up to 10% for every additional 5 mph.  Accelerating & hitting the breaks.  If you can avoid stop and go traffic.
  5. Don’t Buy Pricey Gas – Buy the grade of gas that is recommended for your car.  You will not benefit by spending more. There are many apps you can get for your phone that will tell you which gas station has the best price of gas based on your geographical location.

Great article on Mashable.


I took the liberty to show the short version of the link above.

It makes good sense.







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