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I purchased an old classic car in pretty bad shape as a project for myself.  I have been 
working on it slowly for the last 25 years.  Now that I am retired I thought I would 
be driving her around all the time.  Well that plan didn’t work out as well as I had 
planned.  I decided to enlist the help of my local Denver auto body shop.  I knew a 
few of the guys that worked at the shop so I walked in one day to see how they could 
help me with my progress and I am sure glad I did.  They were very helpful and 
willing to help me finish my project.
We started by finding the parts that I still needed and getting them ordered up.  I 
also had a few parts that needed repairs done and scheduled them up to be taken 
care of.  The boys at the shop allowed me to install the parts that I wanted to and 
assisted me in handling the items that I could not handle.  It only took us a few 
months to finish all of the work on the care and get it to my dream state.  Now I am 
retired in style and my wife was so happy to have this project finally completed and 
off of my mind.  Too bad I did not go to the Denver auto body repair shop earlier in 
my life.  I could have been enjoying this car years ago.  My advice is to make the call 
today and get it done.


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