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Dent repair for your car may or may not be necessary
dent repair

Are my car’s dents worth fixing?

I have several small dents on my 2008  Jeep Grand Cherokee from parking on the streets in the Capital Hill area in Denver.  I just moved to the Washington Park area where my car is not in such a vulnerable area.  I am looking at my car that is around 6 years old and even though the dents are small they look terrible.  Is it worth repairing?  I plan to keep this car for at least 4 more years.  Does it make sense to repair economically?   Plus mentally I can’t stand to look at it every time I get into it to drive.

Yes most of the time it will definitely be worth repairing.  You can look at the possibility of finding a shop that does both conventional repair and PDR (paint-less dent repair) they can most likely remove the smaller door dings and small and medium creases with this process.  The average conventional repair panel may cost 400.00 to 800.00 per panel where as a PDR repair may only cost 75 to 300 per panel depending on how many dings and dents. Definitely a cost effective way to maintain and keep the value of your vehicle.  When you go to sell you vehicle you will find when it is in tip top shape and the outer body looks good you will be able to  get the high end of the resale value.  You can look at guides like Kelly Blue Book and see what the difference in sale price may be   https://www.kbb.com/used-cars/

Colorado Auto Body has fantastic PDR technicians that can do amazing repairs.  We do both Paintless dent repair and complete conventional auto body and paint repairs.   Please consider Colorado Auto Body to be your place to go and find out what it will cost to keep your vehicle looking good and holding its value.    www.www.coloradoautobody.com.php56-23.dfw3-2.websitetestlink.com









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