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In most larger cities, there are dozens of options in auto body shops. How can you know which one is the best to invest your time and money into to maintain your family car or your fleet of vehicles? A variety of factors play a role in this decision. Before you choose just any, it is important to take into consideration what your needs are and what features are important for these facilities to have. The best auto body shop in your area is one that can get your car in, repaired, and back on the road in no time.

The Part Network
While you may be thinking about prices and availability, it is also important to consider the part network that the body shop has. A part network, in short, is a term that describes the access to vehicle parts the shop has. An extensive part network is important for various reasons.

It ensures the parts needed to make repairs or upgrades to your vehicle are available.
It helps to minimize the amount of time it takes to make repairs. Without an extensive network, a 12-hour delay in part delivery could mean 2 or more days behind schedule for the work.
It can also help to minimize costs especially if the auto body shop has a solid reputation with the network.
In other words, one of the first steps you should take when selecting an auto body shop is to consider the part network. Ask them about this. Ask them where they source parts, how many locations they have available to them, and what steps they take to ensure they are getting authentic quality. It’s a question you need to ask.

Other Tips for Selecting the Best Body Shop
A part network is an important consideration, but there are a few other things to ask these locations before you hand over the keys to your car. It’s important to be frank with the company to ensure they know you mean business.

Does the company hire specially trained technicians to handle customization work? Fabrication takes skill that isn’t taught in just any auto shop. You want a professional with ample experience and skill to handle your car.
Does the auto body shop handle all aspects of the process from part sourcing to installation, painting, and detailing? Are all services provided and needed included in the quote provided to you at the time of receiving services?
Does the company have licensed and trained mechanics on staff? While having someone that knows what they are doing is helpful, before exterior work can be done after an accident, the mechanics of the vehicle need careful consideration.
Does the company work with insurance companies? After accidents, this is an important question. However, you want to ensure you are getting the most for your money. Ensure the company has a solid reputation of providing quality service to the insurance company.
What’s the estimated timeline for completion? Every project will be different, but you don’t want a company that rushes through the process just to get it done and turn over a car. Rather, you want a company that’s able to handle the job professionally with outstanding workmanship and provides a realistic timeframe for completion.
When choosing an auto body shop is necessary, take the time to select one you can rely on. To do this, focus first on selecting a company with an extensive parts network. Then, choose a company that’s known locally for its reliability. You’ll also want to put aside price to ensure the job is completed by professionally trained and licensed technicians. All of these factors lead to outstanding results. Whether you are getting damage repaired or upgrading the look of your car, these factors make a difference.


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