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One of the most asked questions on your mobile phone is “Find an auto body repair shop near me” – and it is important to have an experienced resource like that.  When your rely on your vehicle for transportation every day, it is crucial to choose a reputable mechanic and body shop repair company to take care of it when it needs repair. Whether it is due to an accident, collision, hail damage repair or wear and tear due to the age of your car, keeping it in excellent condition will lengthen its life and save you money on operational efficiency and unnecessary parts replacement. When it is time to repair damage to the body of your car, a best practice is finding a high-quality body shop to complete the overhaul.

What to do

When your car’s body needs repair from a collision due to bad weather or an incompetent driver, you need to take it to a body shop. Placing your car in the hands of the professionals at the body shop takes trust in their ability to do their jobs well. To decide which auto-body shop to hire to fix your car, follow the list below:

  • Ask your insurance company. Insurance companies maintain a list of auto-body shops that they recommend for servicing a car that they insure. If a shop offers poor service or is negligible, the insurance company strikes them from their list.
  • With the insurance company’s recommendations in hand, call each shop and talk to the staff. Discuss your situation and ask for a quote. They may require you to visit the shop before they will quote you on a price depending on what work is needed. This request is actually a good thing, since you know that they are going to quote you honestly without guesswork.
  • Look online for reviews.
  • Ask friends and acquaintances if they have used the body shops that you are considering. Word of mouth is often the best way to learn about customer experiences with a body shop. While your standards may differ from your friends’, their experience can still offer you assistance in choosing.
  • Not all body shops are experts at repairing all vehicles. Some shops specialize in a specific model, year or manufacturer of cars. If you have a foreign or rare car, you may need to ask further questions.

Colorado Auto Body 

Best auto body shop near me

Colorado Auto Body Collision Repair and Paint has a long history of doing reputable business in the Colorado region. In business since 1984, Colorado Auto Body takes pride in its quality work and offers excellent customer service to clients.

With a highly experienced auto-body crew, Colorado Auto Body can guarantee auto-body repair with confidence. Ongoing training for staff provides up-to-date techniques and information for the best auto-body repair in the business. Colorado Auto Body requires their staff to have manufacturer’s training, auto industry training and Xalta Coatings and DuPont performance training. Employees also take advantage of the education program offered by ICAR and ASE.

These high standards let you know that your car is in good hands when you leave it at Colorado Auto Body. You have the right to expect the best possible service from your auto-body company and Colorado Auto Body delivers it to you.

Ready to get started?  Contact us today here:  https://www.coloradoautobody.com/contact-us/


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