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In Denver, auto body shops are much like auto body shops around the country.  
When cars or trucks are in need of repairs people take their vehicles to them to have 
the damage repaired.  Much like any business some people can pay a lot of money 
to get a vehicle back to original shape and others will pay a lot less money to get a 
vehicle pretty close to where it was before the damage occurred.  The difference is 
usually the quality in parts and paint that is used to make the repair.  The biggest 
problem comes in when someone who could be getting the prime service chooses a 
less than prime ship to have the work done. 
When insurance is paying for the entire repair minus the deductible then you have 
the right to get the top repair work done.  Some body shops may use cheap parts 
from shady suppliers in order to make money off of you.  They can charge for a 
new part and simply paint over an old part to make it look new.  Many other short 
cuts can be taken in order to squeeze every penny out of situation and turn a better 
profit.  That is why it is so important to get the right shop for the right job.  Always 
rely on a Colorado auto body shop with a good reputation and the honesty and 
satisfied customers to back it up.  Do not lower the value of your car by using a shop 
that can’t make your vehicle look like new.


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