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Collision repair professionals assist with wrecked vehicles and insurance claims daily. But when a customer goes to a repair facility they need much more than this.

If you are in an accident you deserve to have your estimator or customer service representative recognize your needs.  They need to show empathy, sensitivity, and compassion for your situation. You need to know they care about your physical and emotional needs throughout the repair experience.  You deserve to have your representative from the body repair facility do the following:

Customer list:

Educate me                                            

1.  Help educate me. (the customer)  What do I need to do and how can I make sure it is a smooth experience.  Answer all the questions I have about the insurance claim and rental vehicle process. Make sure all my questions are answered.

Show me concern

2.  Show me concern. (the customer)  Make sure you ask me about my specific situation.  I need empathy and great communication. I am stressed and I need to know that my representative at the body repair shop understands how stressful this may be.

Makes me feel confident and listens

3.  My body shop representative makes me (the customer) feel confident and is always ready to listen to what my concerns and needs may be.  I need to know that as the customer everything I convey is understood and implemented.  I need to know my representative is actively listening and will give me as much time as I need.

 Express understanding  

4. My representative at the auto body repair shop takes time to understand my issues and concerns before offering repair recommendations.  He or she acknowledges what I said and will verify in his or hers own words so I know they get what I have conveyed.  I then feel more trust for the repair facility.  They ask me if there is anything else and assure me that I am available now and throughout the entire repair process.

I am top priority                                        

5. I need to know that I am not just a number and I understand that my representative will give me top priority and understands how stressful this can be.  I may have additional needs and I expect my representative to assist me any way he or she can.

What our my choices?                            

6. My circumstances may be unique and I need to know what my possible options are.  Do you take a certain type of credit card or do you offer financing for my deductible.  Are there different repair options that will work with my financial limitations?

Our  staff at Colorado Auto Body understands that every customer is unique and every story from each customer is different.  We differentiate ourselves at Colorado Auto Body every day by continuously taking our level of customer service to a new plateau.  We know we can always try to figure out an even better way or better solution to continuously improve what we have done for over 29 years in the Denver Metro Area.  We pride ourselves knowing that every customer will receive the utmost care and service.









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