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As a business owner and someone that cares for the community I want to express how important it is to stay focused when driving an automobile.  Being in the auto body repair business I am constantly reminded from our customers how someone plowed into them and they could  see them using their phone.  

In 2011 23% of all auto collsions involved cell phones.  That is 1.3 million crashes.  The minimum amount of time that is taken away from the road while texting and driving is 5 seconds.  If you are driving at a speed of 55 miles per hour that is equals the length of a football field without looking at the road.  If you are texting ad driving you statistically raise your chances of an accident 23 times.

Seems the best way to avoid temptation is to simply power off your phone while you are driving. If you feel you can’t turn off your phone you may check out the app store and download an apps that is called Safely Go.  Its free and it tells people you are on the road and driving automatically.



Stay Focused: Don’t Text & Drive

Mobile phones are essential to everyday life – many of us like to keep ours within reach at all times. But we can’t allow them to be a distraction behind the wheel. Check out our video and join us with your pledge to drive responsibly.

Take the pledge at itcanwait.com ›


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