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I have a leased vehicle and its getting close to the time when I have to take it back to the dealer to turn it in.   What do I do with the minor dents, dings, and scratches?

Most lease agreements state that any damages beyond what they consider “normal wear and tear” is going to be charged to you.

Rule of thumb ( and this will vary from different lease companies ) Minor dents not  deeper or bigger in area than the size of your thumb is considered “normal wear & tear”.  If you have multiple areas and they are bigger than this, it may cost you thousands of dollars more.

Bring it to a reputable Auto Body Repair Shop and have them give you a repair estimate. Make sure the shop can do paint-less dent repair and is willing to work with you and can guide you on the most reasonable repair plan for your vehicle.

At Colorado Auto Body we can help guide you with finding the most reasonable path for repairs that will help your lease turn back go smoothly and save you big  dollars.  We do this all the time for our customers.   Sometimes a small scratch or dent can be repaired with our paint-less dent repair and scratch removal procedures.  At the very least know your options that maybe available  before you turn back your vehicle.

Please call our shop to schedule a consultation and estimate.


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