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One indicator of a good auto body shop in Denver, CO is the location of the shop.  
Does it reside in the run down part of the city?  Do you feel comfortable hanging out 
in that area?  Is the shop tucked away off of the main road a ways or hard to find?  
These may be indicators that the shop may not do the best work in town.  In general 
shops that have an open and welcoming store front in a well-lighted and heavily 
traveled area of town will do the best work. 
They have nothing to hide and to their work in an open and clean environment.  
Shops with closed fronts tend to be dirtier inside and impossible to see what is 
going on inside of them.  Dirty pictures usually line the walls of these types of auto 
shops and the language would make a sailor blush.  There is no need to accept a 
location like this in the times that we live in.  Shops these days should be clean, 
welcoming and respectful to customers and their family.  Be aware of these types 
of indicators before you decide who will be doing the work on your vehicle.  Also a 
good practice to get into is to be sure to share your experience with others whether 
it is positive or negative.  Give people your impression so that bad shops struggle to 
get customers and good shops are awarded with more customers for their efforts.  
You can make a big difference in the success of a good Colorado auto body shop by 
testifying of the reason’s you enjoyed your interaction with them.


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