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Hail in Denver

Previously, we discussed how Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) helps to keep your vehicle in its original condition, and therefore, retain its original value. However, PDR also offers several other benefits, which often go overlooked when faced with damage from Mother Nature. PDR is usually non-invasive, quick, durable, inexpensive, and approved by those in the auto industry. Take a look at how each of these points impacts your decision to use PDR over traditional body repair techniques.

PDR Involves Least Amount of Work

Out of all the types of body repairs available, PDR involves the least amount of work. The repair shop technician only needs to use a specialized tool to push out the dent from the interior of the vehicle’s body. This means that a single repair does not involve the use of fillers, grinders, painting, drying, buffing, and waxing. Ultimately, less work equates to less hassle in getting your vehicle repaired.

PDR Equals Fast Repairs

Since PDR does not use the extensive, intrusive methods of dent repair commonly found in the auto-body repair industry, your damage can be repaired quickly. Depending on the number of dents, you could have your vehicle repaired within a few minutes to an hour. However, extensive damage, which common during severe hail storms, may require a few hours to repair. When you compare a few hours with PDR to traditional dent repair techniques, you can have the repair completed days, if not weeks, faster than a traditional repair. In some cases, the auto body shop may be able to come to your location to make the repair with PDR techniques.

Quality Is Better Than Traditional Repairs

Recall our previous conversation about retaining factory paint and pre-event condition of your vehicle through PDR. As a result of these factors, the quality of a repair with PDR techniques is superior to a traditional repair. Traditional dent repairs are subject to deterioration, discoloration, and reappearance if the filling material becomes dislodged. PDR eliminates these concerns.

Reduced Cost of Repair

When you consider the reduced amount of time spent making a repair with PDR and the lack of materials needed to make the repair with PDR, the cost of PDR is less than the comparable costs of making a traditional repair. However, dents that have resulted in damage to the paint and finish of the vehicle may require additional work, which will increase the cost. Fortunately, most hail dents do not have this type of additional damage, so you can have your dents removed at a lower cost.

Auto Industry Approved Method of Repair

Some may argue that PDR techniques are not a viable, legal option for making dent repairs. This is simply a misnomer and accusation. In reality, many entities in the auto industry, which includes insurance companies, car dealers, auto body repair shops, and additional vehicle service providers, understand the value, sustainability, and viability of PDR for your vehicle. Furthermore, these parties recognize how making repairs through PDR techniques will save money across all aspects of the auto industry, which is good for any business.

Paintless Dent Repair has been around for more than 60 years, and it has become a widely-used and recognized way of repairing body damage. Overall, the benefits of PDR techniques exceed all of the possibilities, costs, and factors that play into making a repair through traditional means, especially for damage caused by hail and weather events. Although some repairs may require traditional body repairs, you should check to see if a PDR will meet your needs first.

If you’d like to find out if your current vehicle damage can be repaired with PDR, contact Colorado Auto Body today. We will help you find the most economical, effective way to repair your vehicle’s body damage.


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