Auto body repairs entail a number of processes and conditions that can negatively impact our environment, especially if done without the proper materials and training, processes, or equipment. We thought you’d be interested in the lengths we go to minimize the impacts on the environment.

Colorado Auto Body uses the latest Dupont Standox® refinish technology. That means that we have substantially reduced the Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that impact air, soil, and water. Not only is this our commitment to the environment, but it also produces a safer and more pleasant work environment for our staff.

We also recycle many of the damaged parts and fluids we remove from vehicles, as well as the protective packaging the new parts come in.

It was many years ago that we first focused on equipment that reduced the impact of auto body repair on the environment. From ventilated and filtered refinish cabins, to high-transfer paint guns and refrigerant recyclers, Colorado Auto Body has been a pioneer in making technology work harder and more efficiently to reduce pollution.

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