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Nobody gets in their car and says today is the day I will probably have a car accident.  We are usually optimists and feel nothing will happen.  Have you ever been involved with what you though was a small fender bender and had to get an estimate and were overwhelmed with  how expensive repairs can be? Keeping this in mind its important to plan ahead, especially if you may be the driver that caused the accident.  Here are some tips .

1.  Review you policy and make sure you are prepared to pay the deductible amount. Sometimes its easy to ask for the highest deductible so we can lower our insurance premium costs but make sure you also can afford to pay this deductible if an accident happens.  If your not sure call your agent or go on line and review your policy and make necessary changes.

2.  Make sure you feel confident and comfortable with the auto body repair shop. You may have an insurance company that uses repair networks similar to the health insurance industry.  These shops maybe just fine but it is your choice.

3.  Check your insurance policy regarding replacement parts.  Most insurance companies want repair shops to use less expensive salvage or generic parts.  Most of the time these parts  can work very well but make sure the shop uses proper discretion to alert you & the insurance carrier if there are issues such as quality and fit.  The shop should get the insurance company to approve an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) placement part.  Sometimes the shop can get the dealer to price match the generic aftermarket parts to offer you OEM replacement at the lower cost of the generic part at no additional cost to you.  Bottom line you have options. You can check with your carrier to see if they have an option to use only new replacement parts.   Some carriers offer this at a higher price.  Also find a shop that will work with you and give you these options.

4.  Rental cars are very important especially if you do not have an extra car to drive.  Look at your policy and find out what they offer.  Most will have a cap on time and daily charge.  Sometimes repairs may go over the time you have for reimbursement from insurance. Know what your policy reads for rental reimbursement.  Make sure you know the shop you choose will help you with this process.

5.  When deciding on a shop make sure you check out the local Better Business Bureau and see how they rate.  You can usually log into their site and look at the business history and if check them out.  Also look on the web and check review sites and get a good feel for what customers are saying about their experiences with the shop.

Please consider Colorado Auto Body for any future repair needs.  We have a staff of very caring and considerate employees that will help guide you through and make sure your vehicle is repaired promptly and back to its pre-loss condition.  We will help you with the entire process.  https://www.coloradoautobody.com   call 3033616942

Please consider Colorado Auto Body for any future repair needs




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