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No matter how much time you spent in choosing the perfect Denver auto
body shop that gives you the most confidence.  No matter how many people 
recommended the shop too you, or how many reviews that you read to make sure 
they do great work, the last step is up to you to ensure the final product is what 
you are looking for.  You will have the final inspection on the work done, and you 
should not sign off on the project until you have had the chance to inspect and test 
each part and piece that was worked on.  Do not be hastily with this task no matter 
how much you are pressure to do so.  Insist on taking the vehicle for a drive and 
examining each part in the light.  Listen for any rattles or shakes while you drive. 
Feel how smooth it runs and look for anything that may concern you about the
looks of the parts.  In many cases as soon as you give that final okay to the shop
they are no longer obligated to repair any mistakes.  Be sure to understand the
warrantees when applicable and don’t be afraid to use them.  A lot is riding on that
final inspection that you have to do.  Auto shops will want you to close the book at 
that fairly quickly so they can release the liability of the work they performed.  My 
advice is to be sure all is well no matter how long it takes.  Some shops have no issue 
with this because they are very confident in the work that they do.  But each Denver 
auto body repair shop is different.


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