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Colorado Auto Body is a full service collision repair center located in Aurora Colorado with two customer convenience centers in Centennial Colorado & Denver Colorado.

Colorado Auto Body is a full service collision repair center

How long has Colorado Auto Body been repairing automobiles in the Denver Metro Area?

Colorado auto body had been repairing vehicles for over 29 years.  From small paint-less dent repair jobs to major collision repairs.

How did the owner, Bill Lipsitz,  get in the Auto Body & Paint Collision business?

I was 16 years old and had an accident with my mom’s car and took it to a body shop in west Denver.  I was fascinated as to how they were going to make it look new again.  The shop manager let me watch the entire process and it was amazing.  I watched the technician and painter restore my mom’s vehicle to its pre-loss condition.  I started working part time in a body shop while I was in high school and college and I was totally infatuated with the profession and trade.   I opened my first location in 1979 near DU and didn’t look back.  I enjoy the entire process from start to finish.  Continuous improvement is key.  Everyone at our shop knows to take as much time as possible to get it done right the first time.  The goal is to have the customer never have to come back with an issue. Its still amazing to take part in the entire process and restore your vehicle to its pre-loss condition or better. Word of mouth is paramount.  One of the ways I measure the shop’s success is with the large amount of repeat customers that come to our shop.

Tips for customers that our looking for a great auto body repair shop.

Make sure you are dealing with experienced auto body and paint repair professionals. If you chat with our technicians you will usually find 20+ years of experience.    Make sure you understand  the repair facility’s warranty and policy.  We have a lifetime warranty on all body & paint repairs.  We stand behind our workmanship.

Do I need to have my vehicle repaired at the car dealership?

This is a big misconception that consumers have.  As long as the auto body shop follow the manufacturer guidelines on repairs and repair procedures your warranty will remain intact.  In fact most auto dealerships do not have their own auto body repair shop and sublet these repairs to another shop.  Colorado Auto Body has trained technicians that follow the manufactures procedures in all phases of repair.  We use resources like ALLDATA that is the leading provider of Original Equipment Manufacturer service and repair information.  If any technician at Colorado Auto Body has any question that is a concern from removing a part to welding a panel on your vehicle they have ALLDATA to respond with what the manufacture and top of the line software with recommended repair process in a few minutes.   With the experience of our technicians and estimators and the resources we have, we are the experts on your collision repair.https://www.alldata.com/about-us

Can you mention anything else you would like everyone to know?

Yes, Colorado Auto Body is a one stop shop.  We will take care of everything from start to finish.  We will work on your behalf for the proper and the very best repair with your insurance representatives.  We work with all insurance companies.  If you are working with an insurance company or paying out of pocket we will make sure we have a repair plan that not only makes the vehicle look great when you see the finished product, but we will make sure that our expertise is instilled in every phase of repair from frame and structural damage along with electrical components and safety.  In other words, we take pride in every repair and will never use a short-cut on your vehicle’s repair.    Please consider us next time you need any auto body & paint repairs.  www.www.coloradoautobody.com.php56-23.dfw3-2.websitetestlink.com

Please consider us next time you need any auto body & paint repairs.

Please consider us next time you need any auto body & paint repairs.


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