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Protect Your Car From Road Salt

Every winter driver should take active steps to protect their vehicle from road salt

Every winter driver should take active steps to protect their vehicle from road salt.  We all know why the salt mix of magnesium chloride saves lives by preventing accidents,  but we need to be diligent in making sure it does not cause corrosion to our cars and trucks. Probably the last thing you are thinking about when you are having to deal with ice and snow but very important when it comes to winter maintenance of  your vehicle.

Make sure you always wash your vehicle if possible every 10 days during weather that has snow and slush allover the roads.  Hopefully you can find a day where the weather hits 40% f. or higher. Wash during these days so it completely dries before freezing temperatures return.

Try to always wash your vehicle soon after a snow storm or rain shower.  Rain and snow collect pollutants in the air and drop them as acid rain which can damage the cars protective finish.  Make sure you use a car wash that does the underside of your vehicle along with the exterior.

Inspect for any paint chips that are larger than the tip of a pen.  These should be touched up immediately.  Colorado Auto Body can assist with paint touch up at a very reasonable cost.  This of course protects the finish from surface corrosion and rust.

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