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Denver hail damage car
Hail Damage Repair

Paintless dent repair (often called PDR) is the process of removing dents and dings from a car in a way that does not require repainting. This precise craft is practiced by few and mastered by only the best. This type of repair can be used alone or in conjunction with other repairs and body work. While your goal may only be to return your car to its beautiful, pre-damaged state, it is important that you understand a few of the basic facts about the service you obtain. Once you have learned these six things you did not already know about paintless dent repair, you will know what to expect from the process

  1. Paintless dent repair is not viable for all repair situations – While our experts can fix many types of dents and dings using our dent repair techniques, this is not the right solution for every type of damage. If there is damage to the paint job, this isn’t the right repair option. Additionally, many older cars (pre-1990) are not able to be repaired in this way. However, for simple door dings and hail damage (among other dents), PDR is the superior repair option.
  2. PDR is often cheaper than other repair options – Since the process does not involve painting your vehicle (or any major invasive work), PDR is often a cheaper option. Because of its affordability, it is especially important that you understand whether it is a valid solution for your particular dent problem. Some dents cannot be repaired correctly with this method.
  3. Paintless dent repair is fast – Since there is no paint that needs to dry or complex replacement of panels, an expert PDR company can complete the job quickly—often in under an hour! If you are quoted a long wait time, you may want to inquire as to what is actually being done.
  4. Working with an expert is best – There are a number of fly by night dent repair outlets out there. While it can be tempting to work with the company that offers you the lowest price, some of these can be “too good to be true.” Spend some time learning about the company you hire to find out their experience and make sure they have experience with dent repair jobs like yours.
  5. Paintless dent repair is non-invasive – If your dent repair company says they will have to drill a hole or remove windows to take care of the dent, this is can be a warning sign. PDR is generally very non-invasive so it shouldn’t take any type of complicated structural work that could void your warranty or damage the integrity of your vehicle.
  6. PDR is an eco-friendly “green” repair method – Since there is no painting or chemicals involved, PDR is one of the greenest options available for dent repair. You can feel good about your choice to go with paintless dent repair instead of another type of dent removal process.

Paintless dent repair is one of the best ways to help your car look its very best—especially if it has minor damage from hail or parking lot dings. However, it is something that you should research before hiring someone for the job. If you are in Colorado, you have a great option for PDR—Colorado Auto Body. For over 30 years, we have worked with customers to repair dents, dings and major structural damage using paintless dent repair and any number of other techniques. We would love to help you!


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