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Hail storms can be a Denver car owner’s worst nightmare. These storms occur predictably Even smaller hail can cause serious damage to your careach spring and summer, causing damage to hundreds of Denver residents’ cars. Hail storms can drop thousands of hard ice pellets as big as golf balls on your car. These falling projectiles can cause serious damage to your car’s paint and body.

What Hail Damage Looks Like

Even smaller hail can cause serious damage to your car. When a car is caught in a hail storm, the result can often include dozens of tiny dents across the hood, roof and trunk. In severe cases, the dents can be extremely wide and deep and can include damage to your car’s paint. The storms also can punch holes or completely shatter your car’s windows, as well.

Fixing the Damage

Colorado Auto Repair specializes in repairing hail damage. For most vehicles, we are able to use paintless dent repair. This is a professional dent removal method that allows us to pull out dings and dents while keeping your original factory paint job intact. It is less expensive than traditional body repair and can often be completed the same day you bring your car in.

Our technicians remove dents by pushing then back into the original position using specialized tools. The damage can be accessed by removing trim pieces, through windows or by removing inner panels. Paintless dent removal is a good choice in the following cases:

  • On vehicles made after 1990
  • When paint has not been cracked or broken during hail damage.
  • On vehicles that have not had previous, more extensive body repair.
  • Dents that are far enough away from the edge of a panel to be treated with this method.

In more extensive cases, or on older cars, traditional body repair and auto body painting may be necessary. At Colorado Auto Body, we have 28 years of experience repairing auto bodies, replacing windshields and matching factory paint jobs to make your car look as good as new.

Preventing Future Damage

Hail storms are a fact of life in Colorado, but hail damage doesn’t have to be. Try to park your car in garages whenever possible during spring and summer, when hail storms are most prevalent. If you do not have access to a garage, choose a spot that offers some cover. If you are going out of town, store your vehicle indoors or have a friend who can move it for you. Keep an eye on weather broadcasts to find out when thunderstorms are expected; these storms are often accompanied by hail.

Please contact us with any of your Hail Damage questions.


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