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With the onslaught of severe weather across the Denver metro area, your vehicle will receive hail damage this year. Although you may escape much of the damage by keeping your vehicle garaged, you still will face the chances for hail damage during travel.

Traditionally, repairing hail dings and dents is an extensive, expensive process. However, Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR, offers many benefits and reasons to use PDR techniques before exploring additional, more intensive options for hail damage.

Maintain Factory Paint and Finish

When you opt for PDR, your vehicle is able to maintain its factory paint and finish. Manufacturers, which have extensive purchasing powers, are able to create a stunning, superior finish to your vehicle at a fraction of the cost of after-market body painting. Furthermore, PDR reduces the chances of having mismatched paint colors, extensive buffing and refinishing, and additional cost of making the repair. Furthermore, factory paints have higher quality ratings than many paints available on the market. Therefore, factory paint finishes are designed to last much longer than an after-market paint job.

Keep Factory Parts

Since PDR does not use any additional parts or materials, you are able to retain all of the original parts of your vehicle. Each new part typically contains identifying information, such as a VIN number, that will show if the vehicle has endured any repairs after leaving the factory. PDR uses tools and techniques for removing dents without using expensive, specialized parts for making repairs to your vehicle. Ultimately, you are keeping your vehicle with all the factory parts and specifications intact.

Reduce Identification on Vehicle History Reports

When your vehicle needs an extensive repair, vehicle history report centers receive the information. As a result, your vehicle is listed as having endured a major repair; although, the actual repair may have been minor in reality. For example, a single incident on a CARFAX report may deter a future buyer from purchasing your vehicle, or it may reduce the trade-in value of your vehicle. Fortunately, PDR does not generate a report to vehicle reporting centers.

Retain Original Value of the Vehicle

When you select PDR for vehicle repairs, you are able to retain the original value of your vehicle. Since the PDR does not require extensive work, your vehicle does not depreciate in value. Obviously, this assumes the engine and vehicle interior is in optimum condition.

Keep Pre-Accident Condition of Vehicle

No matter the cause of the dent, PDR allows your vehicle to retain its pre-accident condition. Ultimately, this occurs due to the lack of new parts, equipment, and extensive labor required in making the repair. Furthermore, not appearing on vehicle history reports ensures future buyers of your vehicle do not view your vehicle in poor condition.

If you have experienced the trials and damage from hail, or any other event that caused a dent in your vehicle, contact us at Colorado Auto Body. We will be happy to review your PDR options and recommend the best course of action for making your vehicle like new again.


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