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What do I do right after I’m in a car accident?

You’ve just been involved in an accident or perhaps a large hail storm just rained down on your smooth car parade. What to do know? We understand that the thought of having your vehicle damaged can be overwhelming so we created a list of tips to help you through the process?

Tip #1: Safety First

If you have been an accident and not injured, pull your vehicle to a safe location and gather information if other parties are involved. Take pictures of your vehicle and any other vehicle involved. Contact the police, even if it’s a minor accident. A police report can be an invaluable tool during the claim process. As well, if there are any eye witnesses, be sure to capture their side of the story and contact information.

Gather this information at the scene:

  • ALL Driver and passenger names and phone numbers
  • Vehicle description (year, make , model) of BOTH cars
  • The other driver’s Driver’s license number
  • The other car’s License plate number
  • Get Insurance company information and policy number
  • Names of any eye witnesses and their phone numbers
  • Accident scene location and address
  • Police officers name and contact information
  • A quick but detailed summary of what occurred


 Picture samples to take: (Get close ups of the damage as well a wide set angles to show where damage occurred) 

Tip #2: Contact your insurance provider

Call your insurance agent and provide them with the information you took down at the scene of the accident; or where the hail damage occurred. Talk to them about setting up a claim.


Tip #3: Look for a great shop

When searching for a shop start with a search of the top-rated shops near your work or home location.  Find one where you can Schedule an Estimate and get in quickly.  Visit their website and look at reviews to get personal insight from others who have gone through a similar experience.  At Colorado Auto Body we are here to help at any of our locally owned Denver locations.


Tip #3: Let the experts take care of you

When you have selected your shop of choice, let them handle it all. If they can’t, then they aren’t the right shop. If you call, allow them to set the appointment for you, set up a rental car for you and provide you with an outline of the expectations for your vehicles repairs.




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